Somebody Stole the Cornbread From My Dressing

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The Overmountain Press is pleased to publish Somebody Stole the Cornbread from My Dressing by Elizabeth Heiskell and Susanne Reed. Anyone who has traveled from the South to the North (or vice versa) can attest to the many cultural differences between the two. In this book, Susanne Reed presents a humorous comparison between these regions through her own experiences and misfortunes. She worked with her longtime friend Chef Elizabeth Heiskell to develop great menus and recipes for any occasion. These recipes are versatile, easy to prepare, and perfect for a beginner or a gourmet. The beautiful images by internationally accomplished photographer Caroline Allison brilliantly complement the narrative and recipes. This is more than a cookbook — it is a primer on adapting to a new culture and thriving within it.

Somebody Stole the Cornbread from My Dressing answers the “what to serve” question for anyone who is planning a special occasion — or just dinner. Combining great ingredients that can be found at every grocery store with tons of laughs, Susanne Reed and Elizabeth Heiskell give readers ideas for hosting the perfect tailgate, bridal shower, baby shower, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and more.