About Me

I am a freelance writer and produce farmer living in South-Central, Pa. This is a culture shock for me, to say the least, since I was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta.

I have been writing for over 20 years. I have only been published in the last few years. Yes, it took me a long time to become serious and start seeking publication. But, I did it.

I have two books published:

“Somebody Stole the Cornbread from My Dressing” and

“Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels”.

Both can be found on amazon.com.

I have also recently signed with the Steve Laube Agency and Dan Balow who is representing a Christian Non-fiction book I have written called “Jealousy Makes You Green (and other reasons to live right when things go wrong).” I am excited to see if this book lands a publisher.

I write from home, and help my husband run our produce farm. I was in the mental health and drug/alcohol counseling business for over 20 years. After a well earned break, my husband and I decided to follow some of our dreams. Mine: farming and writing.

We have a wonderful teenage son, Carter, who attends Cumberland Valley Christian School. He is such a joy (and such a teenager)!!